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Mentorship: The primary service we provide is one-on-one mentorship, which we do by sending an intake form that asks for our clients to list some goals, obstacles, things they love about themselves, and things they are working to improve. From there, the sessions occur in one hour increments and cost $60/session. These sessions are holistic and solution focused, and you can read what our clients’ have thought about them on the feedback portion of the homepage.

Jewelry making classes: One of the benefits of our business model is that we get to share the solutions that have worked for US. All sorts of creative exercises are excellent for maintaining a mental health balance, and one of them we like to use is wire-wrapping jewelry. Not only can this be a great way to be expressive, it can also be a great way to show someone gratitude for their role in your life, or even earn a side-income! Additionally, a lot of folks and cultures believe the different stones have healing properties – ya’ll can decide how you feel about that for yourselves, but stones can at least be used as visual aids in many situations, or simply used as a tactile distraction, like a fidget spinner :D.

Writer’s coaching: My primary method of expression has always been writing – I’m a HUGE proponent of memoir and of writing as a way to analyze how “A” caused “B” and so on. I love to work with aspiring authors on any projects – I write memoir, fantasy, poetry, music, and more.

Group activities: We’re still a growing business, but eventually I hope to hold group mentorship sessions and to have experiential activities such as group hikes, fishing, workshops, classes, and more.

Just reach out: If there’s something you’re interested in that isn’t listed, feel free to reach out and ask us. This company will continue to grow and expand the resources we offer – if you feel like you can contribute to our mission of healing, please share your ideas!

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